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Back to School Night Agenda

August 29, 2016


Department Faire:  5:30 – 6:00 – Location between the MPR & Gym


6:00                 National Anthem performed by Showtime Choir


6:03                 Welcome and Introductions – Martín Casas


Introduction of ASB President:  Courtney Ponce.


Escondido Union High School District Board of Education:

President:                                Tina Pope

Vice President:                        Christi Knight

Clerk of the Board:                 Jon Petersen

Member:                                 Bill Durney

Member:                                 George McClure


EUHSD Superintendent & Cabinet:  

EUHSD Superintendent of Schools:                           Steve Boyle

Assistant Superintendent of Business Services:         Mike Simonson

Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services:    Dr. Karen Rizzi

Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources:        Dr. Olga West


Admin, Counselors, Athletic Director & ASB Director attending:


Assistant Principals:               Cory Gregory, Kevin Myers, Susan Pastor


Academic Dean                       Lou Landaverde


Counselors:                             Yvonne Araiza; Evelyn Blagrave; Cinthya Martinez;

Vivian Rendon, Kafi Swaniker; Denise VoDang


Athletic Director:                    Andrew Clark


ASB Director:                         Eddie Rodriguez


Introductions of Presidents for Parent Club, Athletic Boosters, and Music Boosters.

Parent Club President:           Cheryl Engdahl


Athletic Booster President:      Kent Engdahl


Music Booster President:        Paula Steidl


Class visits begin at 6:25 with period one. 

ASB students are available to assist locating classrooms. 

Have a Great Night, and UNITED . . . we are SAN PASQUAL!



Back to School Night Bell Schedule


1              6:25 – 6:40 PM

2              6:45 – 6:57 PM

3              7:02 - 7:14 PM

4              7:19 – 7:31 PM

5              7:36 – 7:48 PM

6              7:53 - 8:05 PM

0, 7, 8     8:10 – 8:22 PM



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